10 Bizarre Dating Rituals From Around The World That Will Make You Feel Grateful About Tinder!

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, dating can be a weird experience. However, there are some places that are stranger than others and often violent.

Love Huts of Zulu

Image Courtesy: WikiCommons

When a woman and her potential husband start seriously dating, her father will build a “love hut” on the property which gives the couple a place to hang out instead of her house. What’s even stranger is the fact that the dad ignores the potential husband until he asks the daughter to get some cattle for him. After said cattle has been received by the daughter, then her dad will recognize the husband to be and the two can finally tie the knot.

Wodaabe Courtship Festival

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The men in the African tribe of Wodaabe are the ones who groom themselves to look appealing to the ladies. When the annual courtship festival called “Gerewol” kicks off they take their primping to the next level. They look their best for the festival which lasts a week.

They even have a dance off called the “Yaake”. They ladies have the chance to hang out together and take it all in while picking out their future husbands.

Bride Snatching in Kyrgyzstan

Image Courtesy: Vyacheslav Oseledko/AFP/Getty Images

Finding a wife in Kyrgyzstan is easy for the men, if they see a woman they like they simply scoop her up and then make her marry them. This is an older tradition but because of the fall of the Iron Curtain, it is now being carried out again.

Over have the marriages in this country come from this bizarre tradition. Often the groom knows the bride but there have been some cases where the couple were total strangers.

Cambodia’s Courting House

Image Courtesy: Earn The Turn

The progressive fathers in Cambodia build their daughters a hut in which the teens can explore their sexuality and be social with many partners for her to find true love.

The Dai People’s ‘Visiting Girls’

Image Courtesy: WikiCommons

This is more of a sweet ritual in which the Dai people of China have “visiting girls”. The young ladies sit around a bon fire and turn their spinning wheels. While doing this, men come and play their musical instruments for them. They serenade the women while wearing a red blanket. If the woman likes the man playing for her, she will put out a stool for him. He will then sit down and place his blanket around her.

Bali’s Tooth Filing

Image Courtesy: WikiCommons

Not only is this an odd ritual, it’s also painful. Once both boys and girls hit puberty in Bali, they have their upper canines filed down to the incisor. The point from this practice is to attempt to rid them of any evil tendencies they may have and to also prepare them for marriage.

19th Century Rural Austria – Getting Sweaty

Image Courtesy: Flavorwire

In rural Austria during the 19th century, women who were single would place apple slices under their armpits and then proceed to dance themselves sweaty. Once they were done dancing they would hand the sweat infused apple slice to her partner who would then eat they apple to be “exposed to her personal sexual fragrance”.

Irish Travelers Grabbing Kisses

Image Courtesy: WikiCommons

This unromantic dating ritual involves Irish Traveller girls who are not allowed to date. Therefore, if a boy wants her attention, he will physically grab her and try to get a kiss. Not surprising that this is referred to as “grabbing”.

Buying a Date or Marriage in Thailand

Image Courtesy: WikiCommons

If a man wants to be wed in the Thai province of Chiang Rai, he can simply buy himself a bride. How this all goes down is that a man will go up to a woman he likes and begin flirting with her. If she likes him as well they will have a date.

After their date, they go back to her house where he will then have some negotiations with her mom as far as a price and how long the woman will stay with him. In the event, he likes the woman enough, he also has the option to buy her for marriage.

Finnish Knives

Image Courtesy: WikiCommons

This last ritual took place until the 19th century. Fathers of the Finnish girls would put empty knife sheathes on their single daughter’s girdles. If a young man saw a girl he was interested in, he would simply place his knife in her sheath. From there she would either give him the knife back if she wasn’t interested or if she kept it, it was her agreeance to marry the young man.

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