A 3 Class Student From Odisha Collect Over 5,000 Matchboxes From Different Countries

Source: Hindustantimes

The student, Dibyanshi, said that she didn’t head out to all the places and instead asked her relatives to bring matchboxes whenever they travel to another country.

Unlike many who may prefer to click pictures and save them as a memoir from holidays, a class three student from Bhubaneswar has an unusual passion for collecting match boxes from across the globe. The girl, Dibyanshi has collected over 5,000 matchboxes from different countries so far.

Speaking to ANI, the girl said that she did not travel to all the places and instead asked her relatives to bring matchboxes whenever they go abroad.

She said that she picked up the hobby likely from her dad, a wildlife photographer, who used to bring matches from wherever he traveled.

“My father is a wildlife photographer and travels a lot. I also ask my relatives to bring matchboxes to me. I have organized them according to various themes. My father is a wildlife photographer. He travels a lot and he brings from there. Then I started collecting it,” she told ANI.

Dibyanshi has matchboxes from different countries across the globe including Nepal, Poland, Bhutan, Japan, and Bangladesh.

“When my relatives and friends go abroad, they bring to me. I have collected over 5,000 matchboxes so far. I do this in my leisure time. My parents help to protect these matchboxes,” she said.

Her mother Gopa Mohanty said that she has been collecting matchboxes for the last three years.

“Her dad used to travel a lot and brought a matchbox for his friend. The matchbox packaging had a very good design. So, she asked him if she can keep it with her.

She has been gathering matchboxes throughout the previous three years. Her dad’s companions and family members used to bring matchboxes for her. We keep these matchboxes in plastic boxes,” Mohanty said.

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