Greek Police Move Migrant To New Camp After Fire

Source: BBC

A Greek police operation is in progress on the island of Lesbos to move a huge number of migrants and refugees left homeless after a fire destroyed their stuffed camp into another office on the island.

Police said Thursday morning’s operation included 70 female cops who were moving toward shelter searchers with the point of convincing them to move to the new camp in the island’s Kara Tepe region. No violence was reported as the operation started.

The notoriously squalid Moria camp burned a week ago in fires that Greek authorities said were deliberately set by a little group of the camp’s inhabitants angered by lockdown limitations forced after a Covid outbreak.

The blazes have left in excess of 1,200 people in need of emergency shelter. Most by far have been resting unpleasant by the side of a street driving from Moria to the island capital of Mytilene, raising stopgap covers made of sheets, covers, reeds, and cardboard.

The new camp consists of large family tents erected in a field by the sea. By Wednesday night, it had a capacity of around 8,000 people, as per the UN refugee agency, yet just around 1,100 generally weak people had entered.

New arrivals are tested for the coronavirus, registered, and assigned a tent.

“This is an operation for the protection of public health and with a clear helpful substance,” the police said in a statement.

Six Afghans, including two minors, were arrested on suspicion of causing a week ago’s fires at Moria. The blazes broke out after separation orders were given during a summed up camp lockdown when 35 people tested positive for the coronavirus.

Moria had a capacity of a little more than 2,700 people, however in excess of 12,500 individuals had been living in and around it when it burned to the ground. The camp and its squalid conditions were held up by pundits as an image of Europe’s failed migration policies.

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