New Pig Flue Found In Pigs In China With ‘Human Pandemic Potential’

Source: Sky News

Researchers in China say they have discovered another infection that is similar the pig flu that caused a pandemic in 2009.

Another strain of pig flu which can possibly spread to people and cause another pandemic has been recognized by scientists in China.

Named G4 EA H1N1, the infection is like the pig flu that caused a pandemic in 2009 and has “all the fundamental signs of an up-and-comer pandemic infection”, according to the authors of the study.

Scientists at Chinese universities and China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) detected the new virus after analyzing 30,000 nasal swabs from pigs in slaughterhouses in 10 Chinese areas somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2018.

They found the new strain has been overwhelming among pigs since 2016.

One of every 10 pig ranch laborers tried also showed elevated levels of the infection in their blood, especially those matured 18 to 35 years of age.

Tests indicated that any immunity human’s gain from presentation to occasional flu doesn’t give assurance from G4.

The researchers said they are concerned the virus could mutate so that it can pass from human to human and spark a global outbreak.

“Such infectivity greatly enhances the opportunity for infection adaption in humans and raises concerns for the possible generation of pandemic infections,” they said.

“Systematic surveillance of flu infections in pigs is fundamental for early notice and readiness for the following likely pandemic.

“Close checking in human populaces, particularly the laborers in the pig business, should be urgently implemented.” In any case, while it is fit for contaminating people, there is no inescapable danger of another pandemic, said Carl Bergstrom, a biologist at the University of Washington.

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