US: Coronavirus Cases Reach Record High Amid New Wave Of Infections

Source: BBC

US COVID cases have hit a record every day high as states grapple with a renewed wave of infections.

Citing data from local state health specialists, the COVID Tracking Project reported 83,010 new cases on Friday.

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams has warned that hospital admission numbers are growing, yet death rates are falling due of better patient care.

It comes as pharma giants AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson continue US vaccine vaccine after endorsement from regulators.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also warned that nations in the Northern Hemisphere are at a “critical juncture”.

“The next few months will be very tough and a few nations are on a dangerous track,” said chief general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, talking with reporters.

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What Are The Latest US Figures?

As indicated by the COVID Tracking Project, almost 8.5 million cases of coronavirus have been reported for in America since the pandemic started.

The everyday increase on Friday surpassed by in excess of 6,000 cases the following project’s past record of 76,842 on 17 July.

Over the last week, the US has tallied 441,541 new infections – its largest seven-day increase since the end of July.

The number of people who’ve died after contracting coronavirus has also steadily increased during the last six days, but is still significantly below the peak of over 2,000 daily deaths reported in April.

Hospital admission numbers are rising, too. As of Friday, 41,485 people were being treated in hospital, according to Covid Tracking Project data. This was the highest figure since the end of August, but it was also lower than figures reported in April and July.

Data for Friday has not yet been released by the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC). However, on Thursday the CDC reported 74,380 new cases, its third-highest number number on record.

Which States Are Worst Affected?

Source: BBC

America’s Midwest keeps on being the hardest-hit district of the nation, with cases soaring in states like North Dakota, Montana, and Wisconsin.

In Ohio, a key battleground state for the upcoming presidential election, authorities recorded their most exceedingly terrible day by day case increase for the third day running.

Others in the district, including Illinois and Indiana, also saw daily rises near or at record highs on Friday.

Then, in the south-west cases reached an all-time high in Utah, where new mandatory mask rules have been introduced in 21 areas.

Governor Gary Herbert warned that the infection’s impact had genuinely impacted local hospital limits.

“Up until now, our hospitals have been able to provide good care to all Covid and non-Covid patients who need it. But today we stand on the brink,” said Mr Herbert.

“If Utahans do not take serious steps to limit group gatherings and wear masks, our medical care providers won’t be able to give quality consideration to every individual who needs it.”

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