Health Canada Recalls Fake Hand Sanitizer Found At Dollarama In Ontario

Health Canada is recalling another hand sanitizer in the midst of the novel COVID pandemic, saying the item has been resolved to be fake.

In a recall notice issued on Sunday, Health Canada said a fake version of Daily Shield hand sanitizer was found available to be purchased at a Dollarama area in Thunder Bay, Ont.

The agency said the recalled product was sold in a 250 mL container, has many numbers of 6942, and expiry date of May 2023.

“As the fake version of Daily Shield hand sanitizer is unapproved and made with an unknown formulation, it may not be effective at killing bacteria and infections, and may pose serious dangers to health,” the notification peruses.

Source: Globalnews

The fake item is also suspected to contain methanol, an ingredient that is not authorized for use in hand sanitizers.

The agency said methanol “could cause severe adverse reactions or passing when ingested.”

As indicated by Health Canada, the item may have been sold at Dollarama stores the nation over.

“Health Canada is confirming the total list of areas where the item was sold,” the notice reads.

Dollarama has agreed to stop selling the product at its stores in Canada while the investigation continues.

The agency said any individual who has purchased this item should stop using it ” immediately.”

“Consult your healthcare supplier if you have used this item and have any health or safety concerns,” the notice said.

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